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I admit we are not for everybody but then again, as our guest & client, you are not just anybody. My intention was not to be a mass production factory churning out standardized events. To be clear, this is a boutique company. I strongly value 'Quality over Quantity'.


Our multilingual & international team is dedicated to creating bespoke events tailored to your unique, individual and personal preferences down to every detail. What differentiates us?..! Why would we settle for a personal celebration to be anything less than totally personal?.


Our Vision is Your Vision-this is a creative and collaborative process. Together let's cross the threshold into another horizon where you can leave behind worries, tension and stress at the door.

Our world is complicated so let's keep things simple: Enjoy life , share love with family&friends, create joyous memories and indulge in pleasures that delight your soul. Immerse your senses with a little divine intervention by Globe Goddess Events, a luxury event destination management company.

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Sudipta Chakraborty
CREATOR & CEO, Globe Goddess Events

Message from CE


About Me

Thanks to my family, it was installed in me the love of the creative arts from music, cuisine, theatre, literature to architecture and most importantly, the art of hospitality. It has always been a pleasure to host and cook in my home for my guests. If they are happy, I am happy.

I have been fortunate to live a global life and meet so many lovely people from various cultural backgrounds. Growing up in London, UK and moving to N.America, I started a career in financial services on Wall Street. After New York, I moved to Boston, San Francisco,Luxembourg, Montreal, Istanbul, Miami, London, Barcelona and Madrid. Somewhere through the years, I realized I am more a creative than strictly numbers person.

I liked that 'Globe'  & 'Goddess' are universal concepts. 'Globe' depicts connecting people across time and space; sharing experiences with others through creating a circle of unity.  'Goddess' embodies strength, elegance, beauty, grace, empowerment and positive energy.  I want to bring people together in a beautiful ambience to enjoy the art of the event.


Sudipta Chakraborty

CREATOR & CEO, Globe Goddess Events
MBA, CPA (NY), MSc Real Estate, MA International Tourism & Hospitality Management

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